Scent of Choice was born of the desire to share a lifelong love of perfume. The right perfume is a source of pure pleasure, from the first spray to a lingering memory on the skin hours later or the next day. Remember that sense of confidence and happiness when you know you’re wearing a perfume that is perfect for you.

But it often goes wrong. You probably have at least one unused bottle of perfume at home. It seemed good in the shop but doesn’t work in real life so you don’t wear it. Or you may stick with one perfume for ever because you don’t have the confidence to try new scents and so you miss out on the delight they can bring.

In 2009 alone, close to 1000 new perfumes were launched. Some of us know intuitively how to find a way through this ocean of competing scents and pick perfumes we love. Some find it harder.

Through individual or small group consultations, Scent of Choice helps you choose perfumes that will work for you and gives you the courage to enjoy experimenting with scent. It will add a new dimension to your life.