the experience

The Scent of Choice experience
If you’re never totally happy with your perfumes, you’ve made expensive mistakes, or you’d just like to find out more, a Scent of Choice session is for you. If you are looking for a new perfume but don’t know how to go about it (apart from trying every perfume in a department store), we help you focus your search and find scents which truly fit you and bring you continued pleasure.

There is a lot of marketing talk about perfume but very little information to help choose a new scent from the huge range available. In Australia, there are few specialist perfume shops with real professionals who can help you find out what you like and guide you how to make the right choice. Department stores can be overwhelming. This is where Scent of Choice can help.

We don’t sell perfume. During a unique personalised consultation, we talk about the smells you like, the perfumes you have worn during your life. You learn about the families of perfumes and, by smelling them, work out which ones appeal most to you. Read the testimonials to see how others have found the experience.

The process
Before we meet, you fill in a questionnaire which helps us understand your scent history – the smells you love and hate, the perfumes you have worn, those you never want to smell again. Then we meet to go on a scented journey of discovery through the perfume families. You smell examples of each family and we explore together what you like best. You’ll find out if you love orientals or if bouquet florals are the direction for you. Perhaps you like woody perfumes or you might decide that citrus scents suit you best. Or you may have several loves.

Once we’ve narrowed down your favourite types of scent, we suggest some perfumes you might like to try. Smelling and talking about the scents you love is pure pleasure.